Knights of Justice

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The Knights of Justice is an knightly order dedicated to bringing justice to the people of Faerûn. Founded in 1365 DR as an
Coat of arms of the Knights of Justice
adventuring company in Neeverwinter led by Banerd Rex, the order quickly grew in size and expanded their focus to the rest of the Sword Coast North. With the departure of Banerd in 1368 DR, the order flourished under the leadership of High Judicator Marknight. The order was disbanded by High Judicator Shea O'Brion in 1372 DR after the Dryad War led to a censuring of adventurers in and around Neverwinter. O'Brion reformed the order in 1374 DR by becoming the patron of aan adventuring company in Waterdeep. The company performed so well, they were knighted and now form the core of the new Knights of Justice.